Relevant Bible Teaching "Sanctify them in the truth; Your word is truth."
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Recommended Reading
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Handbook to Happiness

 By: Dr. Charles R. Solomon
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Handbook to Happiness shows how all people have been rejected in some way in their lives, but they can experience the fullness of life and freedom from enslavement to sin through exchanging their life with the life of Christ.  

Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret
 By: Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor
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This is a biography of Hudson Taylor whom the Lord used to begin the China Inland Mission.  His journals are powerful accounts of how God worked in his life to give him increasing faith and strength in Him.  This book will challenge you to surrender your life to Christ like perhaps no other book has done before.

The MacArthur Study Bible
 By: Dr. John MacArthur
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The MacArthur study Bible is the end result of over thirty years of Dr. MacArthur's study of the Scriptures.  With notes and study information on basically every page, you will gain valuable knowledge into understanding the Scriptural account and the historical background which helps to interpet the account.

The New Evidence that Demands a Verdict
 By: Josh McDowell
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This is a valuable resource for knowing that our faith is indeed reliable. 

The Pilgrim's Progress: In Today's English
 By: John Bunyan
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Classic on Christian growth and sanctification.  An entertaining read.