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Was there a Big Bang?
Based upon the attention that the Big Bang gets, one would think that it would have actually occurred. The fact remains: did God create the world, or did an explosion (whether controlled by God or not) create the universe as we now have it? 
First of all, just knowing the character of God that He is perfect and does all things perfectly, we can conclude that He probably wouldn’t have used an explosion to create the world. Explosions are chaotic and result in a mess, to be frank. The world as we have it is very well ordered and specially designed. Furthermore, and more importantly, since Genesis tells us how God created the world and since an explosion has nothing to do with God speaking things into existence, there is no reason to believe that the Big Bang ever occurred. Some Christians say that God directed the Big Bang, but we don’t need to make that concession. 
We know from observation that the universe is expanding. Physics has shown that there is reason to believe that it has always had to expand because otherwise it would overheat. Regardless of whether or not that is true, we know that at least recently the universe has been observed to be expanding. Scientists know this based upon a phenomenon called the red shift. Stars that are moving away from the earth are slightly tinted red while those moving toward the earth are tinted slightly blue. This has to do with differences in the wavelengths of light that come to us, we are told. This would be similar to the Doppler effect of how pitches change based upon whether an object is moving away from us or towards us. At least this is how the theory goes. Since all of the observable galaxies are thus moving away from us, their conclusion is that the universe is expanding.  Since it is expanding they say it “proves” that the universe started as a ball of matter that exploded. This is horrible logic. They assume that time goes back infinitely, that the universe could be supercompacted, that it could explode into its present state, and that the current rate of expansion has been consistent for their millions or billions of years. Yet this is logic good enough to win a Nobel Prize. The wisdom of this world is foolishness, no doubt. 
Even if the observations are true that the universe is expanding and that it would have always have had to be expanding, they do not imply that the Big Bang is true. We cannot infer back to the beginning because we don’t know when the beginning was. Just as likely an explanation, in fact, a more likely an explanation, is that God created the world similar to how it is now, that He has allowed it to expand, and that it has been expanding since it was created, many thousand years ago. Thus, there was no Big Bang, and there is no reason to infer a Big Bang. The universe has thus not changed a whole lot since it was created. This is much more likely. 
Furthermore, if the universe was as old as they say it was in order to be necessary for the universe to contract to the degree that they claim, the earth wouldn’t have been able to exist. The sun decays in size at a regular rate. If the universe was millions or billions of years old, the sun would be large enough to consume the earth. This is just one argument that shows that the universe was, more likely than not, always similar to how it currently is. Big Bang cosmologists have many questions that they need to answer. Where did the initial matter come from? What made it explode? How did the explosion form the order of today’s universe? These are just a few of the problems with the theory. 
Big Bang theorists will argue that since there is radiation in space that this is evidence that the Big Bang occurred. This again was considered Nobel Prize caliber research. Radiation in space could be there because of a variety of other causes or because it was there when God created the universe in the first place. 
When we come across stories like this as Christians, I hope we can see that we are being fed a bunch of lies because people really want to believe a lie. They suppress the truth clearly seen in the world and choose only to focus on a few unrelated facts that could be pieced together to make up some scientific fantasy that sounds like science. Yet science can just as easily show that even Nobel Prize wining theories that contradict the Bible are indeed not necessarily true and likely false in their conclusions. 
God is always right and His Word will never lead us astray. When the Bible says that God spoke the world into existence, we can believe that He did.