Relevant Bible Teaching "Sanctify them in the truth; Your word is truth."
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Why “Relevant Bible Teaching”?

The name of the ministry is a result of wanting to strike a proper balance between teaching sound theology and the full counsel of God while at the same time not neglecting to make it practical, relevant, and applicable.  There is a time to teach fundamental theological concepts, and there is also a need to bring the Bible to bear upon the issues of the day, on the issues of life, and on the areas that we struggle with.  Everything on the site must be geared toward teaching the Bible, it must be grounded in the Bible, and it must be relevant to our lives.  Why would God bother to tell us anything that is not relevant?  As such, we can expect the whole counsel of God to be worthy of our attention. The goal is to keep adding material that can help us walk in holiness before God and to truly enjoy Him fully. 

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Purpose and Mission

Doctrinal Statement

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