Relevant Bible Teaching "Sanctify them in the truth; Your word is truth."
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Relevant Bible Teaching

January 2010

God's Will for Church Government

Church government, sometimes called church polity, can degrade into the worldly, combative, “us versus them” mentality that politics in general often involves.  In the world, people take sides with the group that most aligns with their personal viewpoint.  They hope that a...

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A Form of Godliness

The great battle for truth is not between atheists and theists.  I once thought that if we could just help people to believe in God then coming to faith in Christ wouldn’t be that far off.  But the reality is that, though the battle against atheism is worth fighting, the real and...

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Biblical Principles Concerning Fasting

Fasting is a theme that runs throughout the Scriptures. Done rightly, it can have great benefit in our walks with Christ. Too often, however, it is done improperly for the wrong reasons and motives. Fasting is not a rote tradition that is done to earn God’s favor. It is not as if choosing not...

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Advice for a New Year

A new year provides us with a chance to be introspective, to reflect on what was, to consider what is, and to think about what we want to become.  It is a mileage marker, a point of no return, a chance to draw a line in the sand.  Of course, any day we have the chance to change, but there...

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Making the Most of Christmas

Christmas can be a controversial topic.  We all know about how our politically correct world would prefer that we speak of “the holidays” rather than Christmas, but there is more to preserving the spirit of the season than merely saving the name.  Though such...

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